Custom Orthotics

Advanced Care Physical Therapy specializes in custom orthotics. For those who suffer from mild to severe foot pain, having orthotics can be a saving grace. However, once you and your physical therapist have come to the conclusion that orthotics can be beneficial it is now time to make a critical decision: should you invest in custom or prefabricated orthotics?

Deciding which of these types to choose will take a bit of research on your part and understanding the difference between the two can make that decision easier. Here is the least you need to know about the two types.

Custom Orthotics

Many orthotic users prefer and rely on custom because they are specifically fitted and molded to the exact shape of the users feet. The fittings include making sure the orthotics are an exact match and measurement of their foot's shape but is also an exact match to the width and size of each foot.

Because feet are different sizes, even if they are only slightly off from one another, a custom orthotic support can ensure that both feet will be supported adequately and properly resulting in a more comfortable fit and stride during movement and activities.

For this type of orthotic, a visit to our office is necessary so that exact measurements can be done and the we can observe the fit after it is manufactured. From start to finish, you should have your new orthotics within three weeks. Our therapist team at Advanced Care Physical Therapy will do fit you at one of our clinics and will bring you back in to ensure this are properly inserted within your shoes. On average the inserts that are designed will last the wearer anywhere from about 10 years to the span of their life depending on how they are cared for, whether the feet remain in their current condition and the amount of use they receive.

The money one needs to invest in custom orthotics should also be considered. On average the cost of one set of orthotics which are custom made runs about $300-S700 dollars which may not include the specialist visit.

Advanced Care Physical Therapy charges a flat fee of $325 which includes the initial visit.

Prefabricated Orthotics

This type of orthotic support is over the counter and is often referred to as 'lyncos' by the general public. Some users can still get a pretty decent fit with the prefabricated orthotics because there are so many sizes and fits available now. This device will not be an exact mold or fit and can result in a device that isnt as effective. Unlike custom orthotics, the prefabricated versions will not last anywhere near as long, and most will only be utilized for a year or less on average. Advanced Care Physical therapy doesn't sell prefabricated orthotics.

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