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Fitness Fair Educating Feds on Newest Methods of Therapy and Available Resources

Advanced Care Physical Therapy of Niagara Falls takes part in Fitness Fair.

Recently, Physical Therapists and Sports Performance Coaches collaborated with many local organizations in order to encourage federal employees by bringing more awareness of local resources available to them, regarding healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, various forms of exercise, and medical services.

"Feds Get Fit" is an annual health fair put together by Diana Monaco, RDN of The Buffalo Food and Drug Administration, Cindy Januale, RN of Federal Occupational Health, and Paul Kendzierski, Federal Executive Board. According to Monaco, this year makes 10 years of servicing WNY with this National program. Monaco stated, "this program originally began as a program that the Federal Government brought in, to inform employees of their health insurance benefits. It was a great educational opportunity. From there, it just continued to grow. "Feds Get Fit" also brings this fair to the Niagara Falls Air Base each year. Certified Sports Performance Coach with Impact Performance, Taylor Sexton said, "We want to expand, reaching out to firefighters, police officers, nurses, and military men and women. We will gladly provide performance training and physical therapy. Many do not know that we exist and are available for them."

Like several other organizations, Advanced Care Physical Therapy had a table set up, highlighting some of the countless methods of treatment they use to promote healing for all types of injuries, including sports performance needs, and ImPact training which is specific for evaluation and treatment of concussions. Other physical therapy methods include cupping, Kinesio Taping, Game Ready ice and compression, Graston technique, Air Relax intermittent compression, Body Contouring, cold laser therapy, and vestibular rehabilitation, just to name a few. Material and exhibits were on display in support of overall good health and implementation of regular physical activity.

Dr. Peter Krysztof Certified Sports Performance Coach Taylor Sexton and Matt Crawley, MS, CSCS Head Sports Performance Coach

"We are thrilled to partake in such a motivational and positive event. What an amazing, opportunity to come together with other health related businesses to educate, motivate, and assist the public, in this case being federal employees, to enhance their quality of life," said Dr. Peter Krysztof who is the Director of Physical Therapy at the Buffalo location of Advanced Care at HARBOR CENTER, which is one of five locations in the Niagara Falls and Buffalo areas.

The event was considered to be quite a success. "This was a great opportunity to bring health and fitness awareness to the community, the more people we reach, the better, said Matt Crawley, CSCS trainer at Impact Sports Center. There were approximately 200 federal employees in attendance at the event, which was held at the Niagara Center on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. The Fair was free. Amongst the other demonstrations, resources, and free items, mugs and pens were given, health screenings and food tastings were offered.

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