Why Choose Advanced Care Physical Therapy?

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America is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Opioid prescriptions have quadrupled since 1999. The amount of misuse, abuse and overdose has also increased. Physical therapy is a safe and effective alternative to opioids for long-term pain management and prevention.

Direct Access

Direct Access for Physical Therapy services means that you DO NOT need a prescription from your doctor to see us for a physical therapy evaluation. Our physical therapists will evaluate your condition and will be able to work with you for 10 visits or up to 30 days.

Community Partner

Advanced Care Physical Therapy is proud to partner with Impact Sports Performance at HarborCenter. This location is ideal for your Physical Therapy and Sports Performance needs. Our HarborCenter location is at 100 Washington Street, Floor 6 Buffalo, NY 14203

Supporting Continuing Education

Advanced Care Physical Therapy is proud partner with local colleges and accept students based on availability and qualifications. We form collaborative relationships with our students and their referring programs. To learn more about our continuing education program, click here.

Matt the physical therapist @Advanced Care Physical Therapy literally changed my mindset on injury based recovery. I recently tore my rotator cuff and what I had originally thought physical therapy should be was turned upside down with Matts deep understanding of PT. I have been in customer service for my entire adult life and my experience with shoulder recovery with this company and Matts disposition exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Thanks again Matt

Scott Q

Shell and Courtney are awesome they truly care about me and my well being. Being in tremendous pain almost all the time it is comforting to know that I will be looked after and more importantly cared for. I really appreciate the cleanliness of the facility.

Santo P

Matt is a caring Physical Therapists! He cares about how you feel and what would be the best therapy for the day. He has extensive knowledge in PT and uses a "hands on" approach to your care. Highly recommend!

Mary B

I was very happy with the personal care I received. Matt was very professional and helpful throughout my visits. I will return to this location if I need therapy in the future.

Colleen C

My PT Lisa is GREAT always welcome with a smile an a how is everything going. She doesn't only care how my health but also how I'm doing that day but she does care how my life is going . Great job all of you keep up the good work in the front an back

Craig Z

Advanced Care Physical Therapy

Advanced Care Physical Therapy is dedicated to delivering a best-in class experience during every patient interaction. With a hands-on manual approach that includes non-surgical treatment to relieve pain, promote healing, increase athletic performance and prevent future injury, we specialize in physical therapy services, diagnostic testing, wellness, scoliosis care and working with athletes to improve performance both on and off the playing field. With many convenient locations we take great pride in exceeding the expectations of patients, referral sources, staff and collaborative partners. We accept most insurance plans including workers compensation and no fault and we're skilled at treating various neurological, orthopedic and chronic pain conditions.

Since opening our first location in 1999, we have never lost sight of our mission to employ, develop and recognize team members who are accountable and committed to positive patient outcomes. Our commitment to continuing education ensures our clinicians are highly skilled, accountable, and viewed as experts in their field. Several our our team members have advanced certifications not represented at other physical therapy practices in our area. To be sure we always provide the highest level of manual care in an ever changing healthcare system, we have formed a number of collaborative partnerships to enhance services, better direct care, and reduce medical costs for patients and employer groups. We will help you navigate the ever-changing healthcare industry.