Dr. Taryn Bader PT, DPT

Taryn is from McGraw, NY and currently resides in Williamsville with her family.  She decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy following a knee injury in High School.  During her three months of extensive physical therapy, she was  drawn even closer to the profession she is now so passionate about. 

Her physical therapist helped her return to playing soccer, at the highest functioning level, and she went on to play four years of college soccer at Nazareth College, where she received her degree.

Prior to joining the Advanced Care Physical Therapy Team, she worked at Victory Sports Medicine and Orthopedics in the Syracuse area.  While there she honed her skills with both the athletic and general population.  She worked with patients pre- and post-operatively, with worker’s compensation injuries, balance/gait/neurological conditions; always striving for the most comprehensive care possible.


 With her move to WNY she was most impressed with Advanced Care Physical Therapy because of the manual based treatment style and focus on patient care.  She also appreciated the strong emphasis on continuing education, as she has many interests within the field of Physical Therapy.

Currently Taryn has been focusing on improving her skills with the athletic population, and has been working towards initiating preventative care measures for local athletes.  She has also been working with patients who suffer from jaw pain, or temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD).  Additionally she remains active with Advanced Care’s diagnostic testing, ensuring her patients are receiving appropriate treatment for their conditions.

In her spare time, Taryn enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family.  She believes in the importance of giving back and completed a Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic in 2011, where she provided Physical Therapy services within local communities.



After spending some time with Craig and the Niagara Falls Team, I knew Advanced Care Physical Therapy was a perfect place for me to treat patients and continue with my development as a physical therapist.  It gives me the opportunity to use my manual skills and treat in an environment where patient care always comes first. ”
Taryn Bader

What her patients are saying:


“The biggest importance for choosing a physical therapy center to me is the demeanor of the staff and the extent of hands on service. Here at Advanced Care, they not only meet my desires in regards to the way I hope a physical therapy center would conduct business but exceeds it.”   – Jordan B.




“No other Physical Therapist has worked with me like Taryn. My therapy program with her is unlike any other. At each visit she provides hands on therapy adjusting my treatment to what my body needs.  I am not just a file with a dictated list of exercises that I could do at home. This past summer I was able to participate in a 5k with my family due to Taryn’s provision of therapy. When I first began my routine I could barely walk a quarter of a mile.”
– Judy O.

“For the past 15+ years I have been living with neck and shoulder pain due to severe TMJ. With the help of Craig and Taryn they have significantly increased the mobility in my neck; I never thought the day would come that I would feel so good! I realize this sounds dramatic, but I am so grateful to them for all of the different types of therapies they have tried on me. Craig and Taryn have gone above and beyond to find a way to alleviate my pain, while always explaining what they are doing and how it will be helpful. I will always be thankful for their help and will continue to recommend them to my family and friends.”
-Kristine P.