Screening Clinic

Functional Movement Screen – For you and your Athlete.

The Functional Movement System (FMS) is a tool used to observe movement patterns, and identify areas of weakness.

Advanced Care Physical Therapy is committed to giving back to the WNY community by forming collaborative partnerships and delivering a best-in-class experience at every opportunity.  We are pleased to offer a Screening Clinic, using the FMS, for local area High Schools and travel teams.

Overall, our objective is to assess student athletes for deficits in strength, balance and flexibility.  Following the screening process we will work in collaboration with coaches to implement safe and effective warm-up and cool-downs, identify specific exercises for athletes to address individual deficits to improve performance and ultimately reduce risk of injury.

“Taryn and Michelle did an unbeleivable job preparing me for the upcoming collegiate lacrosse season. Their manual treatment approach, attention to detail, and associated strengthening program is the best in the area.  I have had physical therapy and training in other clinics, but nothing like I experienced at Advanced Care Physical Therapy .” 

Jordan Briceland, Geneseo LAX