Advanced Care Scoliosis does not participate with any health insurance company for scoliosis treatment using the Schroth method.   Advanced Care Scoliosis can submit, on your behalf, the appropriate paperwork to your insurance company requesting pre-authorization to be an “Out-of-Network Provider”.   The information supplied to the insurance company consists of: patient information such as age, date of birth, Insurance ID #, diagnosis and any other proof of medical necessity.   Also included, in the letter, are the CPT codes for the Initial Evaluation and the Daily Treatment, why the patient would benefit from the method of treatment as well as research article(s) for the Schroth Method.


If your insurance company accepts the medical necessity of your case, they WILL REIMBURSE YOU FOR THE COST OF THE TREATMENT. The percentage of reimbursement varies from insurance company to insurance company. Advanced Care Scoliosis will provide you with a receipt as proof of payment, with the appropriate CPT codes, that you can submit.  Advanced Care Scoliosis advises you to contact your customer service representative for more detailed questions regarding your plan. For any further questions please feel free to contact our Office Administrator at 716-282-2888 or Contact Julie Reinstein PT, MS, BSPTS Cert. Scoliosis Therapist at 716-553-7442.