• Advanced Care Physical Therapy is available to address all of your clinical and rehabilitative needs. Physical therapy is generally required for those with permanent disabilities, those who have had a major injury or accident and is in a recuperating phase, or for those who are suffering from crippling diseases like arthritis, low back pain, or cerebral palsy. In many cases, some diseases or medical conditions impair the patient so much that it becomes necessary to teach the patient to function optimally within the limitations of the condition, by building on the residual capabilities left in the patient.

Physical Therapy

The entire Advanced Care Physical Therapy team understands what it takes to get you better while helping all patients navigate the ever changing, and sometimes complicated health care system. We pride ourselves on providing individualized care, and we understanding the importance of working closely with doctors and insurance companies.  We treat all conditions, body parts and injury types.  We will help you every step of the way.!

  • Types

    Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on the treatment or rehabilitation of injuries to the orthopedic system, which includes muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.
    The foot and ankle are important in all weight bearing activities including standing, walking and running. Walking and running should be a comfortable experience without joint pain or limited motion
    Your lumbar spine is stressed with bending, stooping, sitting, and lifting. Frequent performance of these activities can increase your pain. However, back pain can occur at anytime, even while sleeping.
    Do you suffer from stiff, painful hands? Do you drop objects often? Do you have difficulty with writing? Hand or wrist pain can affect daily life as well as the ability to perform functional work tasks.
    Chronic hip pain impairs mobility which can affect sitting and standing tolerance and can be a result of a sports injury or an arthritic condition.
    Any problem that prevents the complex system of muscles, bones, and joints from working together in harmony may result in temporomandibular disorder and cause chronic facial pain.
    The knee joint plays a major role in weight bearing mobility including walking and transferring from sitting to standing. Changes in knee function can be painful and limit day to day functional.
    Neck pain can be related to a number of factors including an injury, prolonged static postures, and arthritic changes. It can be of sudden or gradual onset and lead to neck or arm pain as well as headaches.
    The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the human body. Since it is capable of a wide variety of motion, there is also the tendency toward instability.
  • Conditions/Injuries

    Chronic pain affects millions of American daily. When you suffer an injury, you initially experience some sort of acute pain. Most acute pain resolves itself in time, but chronic pain lingers.
    Neurological disorders, which affect the body's nervous system, can occur in people of all ages. Neurological disorders can severely impact quality of life for the diagnosed person.
    Your child might need physical therapy to help with developmental delay, a birth defect, chronic illness or an injury.
    Pregnancy related hormonal changes and structural changes can cause unexpected aches and pains. Physical therapy can help alleviate your pain and discomfort.
    Physical therapy may also be indicated prior to surgery to maximize joint motion and overall strength and endurance that will assist you in a more speedy recovery post-operatively.
    Our vestibular rehabilitation program offers an effective, non-invasive and drug-free treatment for people who suffer from inner ear disorders
    Physical therapy is covered under No Fault so if you are in an accident you are entitled to quality care to prevent future pain and suffering. It's the law!
    If you are injured at work, your company should have procedures in place to make sure your injury is addressed, and you receive the physical therapy you are entitled to under New York State Compensation law.
    Whether it is a pick-up basketball at the corner courts or training for the Olympics, anyone who engages in physical activity runs the risk of a sports-related injury.