Knee Pain

The knee joint plays a major role in weight bearing mobility including walking and transferring from sitting to standing.  Changes in knee function can be painful and limit day to day functional.  Proper range of motion and strength allow for ascending and descending stairs, for smooth transitioning to and from sitting and for comfortable lifting to and from the floor.Physical therapy can help!

Chronic knee pain can affects functional mobility as well as sitting and standing.  The physical therapists at  Advanced Care Physical Therapy are professionally trained to deal with knee pain.  Whether it is pain due to a sports injury or an arthritic condition, we will provide a thorough evaluation followed by prompt therapeutic treatment.  We will discuss changes in function and work to develop goals according to patient desires.

Modalities:  A variety of modalities including ultra-sound/phonophoresis, low level laser, iontophoresis, and electrical stimulation can be used to assist with pain relief and  tissue healing.

Flexibility:  Our therapists help to restore motion of the knee joint while optimizing function, muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.

Strengthening:  As a component of the physical therapy session, the therapist will work to ensure the proper strength ratios of the hamstrings to quadriceps to ensure proper joint function.  This with be through the use of state-of-the-art strengthening equipment in a quiet, calm atmosphere.  In addition, the therapist may recommend home exercises so that the patient can continue to work as an integral team member to gain independence and return to function.