Hands On Seminars – Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy

 Coming Soon!

Advanced Care Physical Therapy will soon be hosting the following Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy (MCMT) courses in partnership with Hands on Seminars at our Niagara Falls location. Take your skill set to the next level with Hands-On Seminars, the leader in Manual Therapy Continuing Education. With five courses in total, they will bring you and your clinical team to the next level of manual therapy.
Courses listed below:
PT-01 An Intensive Training On Myofascial Trigger Point & Proprioceptive Training
PT-02 A Comprehensive Manual Therapy Approach for Cervical Spine Pathology
PT-03 A Comprehensive Manual Therapy Approach for Lumbar Spine Pathology
PT-04 A Comprehensive Manual Therapy Approach for Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Pathology
PT-05 A Comprehensive Manual Therapy Approach for Hip, Knee, Foot Pathology
Each course can be taken individually or students can take the entire MCMT Program as a package. If you want to earn your MCMT Certification you will need to take all of the courses and compete an assignment for each, which comes with a $90 assignment fee.  If a student buys the package the fee is included. Full price for package is $2950, but $500 scholarships are available.
MCMT Package:
Additional information: