Hand Pain

Do you suffer from stiff, painful hands? Do you drop objects often? Do you have difficulty with writing? Hand or wrist pain can affect daily life as well as the ability to perform functional work tasks. This pain may have started suddenly from a traumatic physical injury or may have been a gradual onset from repetitive motion or improper ergonomics. The staff of AIM Physical Therapy are experienced in the treatment of hand and wrist related disorders and injuries. They are able to provide a comprehensive program to reduce pain as well as increase flexibility and strength.  They can offer simple solutions to reduce injury risk or tailor a program for solutions to complex injuries.


  • phonophoresis/ultra sound
  • low level laser
  • iontophoresis
  • electrical stimulation


Manual Therapy and Massage:

Pain in the hands can often be related to adherent structures, nerve compression, and inflamed or tight tissues. Manual therapy techniques can be utilized to increase range of motion, reduce scar tissue and decrease compression of neural structures.


Increased flexibility and joint range of motion are critical to full use and function of the hand.


Strengthening of the hand, wrist and forearm are often keys to increasing functional use of the hand during lifting techniques. Additional strength is also useful for increased basic function in daily activities such as washing dishes, doing laundry, writing, bathing, dressing etc

ADL Training:

Performance of daily living tasks can be difficult for patients with painful hands. Our staff can provide instruction on joint protection measures as well as give recommendations for assistive devices to make these tasks easier.


The staff of AIM Physical Therapy can fit patients with basic splints or design more complex custom splints to meet individual needs.