Guillermo Izquierdo

"ACPT Changed My Life"

It was eight years ago, that I fell off a ladder and fractured my pelvis in five places. Since that time, I had experienced chronic pain in my left side, which affected how I walked and even how I sat in a chair. After enduring many months of therapy at the hospital and dismissing suggestions of surgery, I had simply accepted that this pain was simply something I needed to accept and “work around.” I had never run – or done any form of exercise really – before the accident, but I began running as a way of proving to myself I was not permanently disabled. As expected, while the amount varied from day to day, the pain was constant.
Discovering Advanced Care Physical Therapy changed my life. As dramatic as that may sound, it’s true. Imagine discovering that a pain that haunted you everyday for eight full years could be dramatically decreased, possibly eliminated?  The team at Advanced Care has been essentially undoing an eight year problem, but even after the first treatment, my left leg felt much looser to the point where it has improved my running. Proof of that came on September 21, 2013, when I managed to not only beat my “dream time” at a half marathon, but to do so by more than 6 minutes!