Dr. Garrett Szydlowski, Physical Therapist

Dr. Garrett Szydlowski, Physical Therapist


Garrett was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and is a graduate of Daemen College's DPT program. Garrett chose to pursue a career in physical therapy because of his "fascination with the human body and its innate ability to adapt and heal itself. I quickly combined my athletic nature, love of science and fascination of the human body into one profession that would give me satisfaction and fulfillment with every work day.""The human body is an amazing machine. I intend to do my best to optimize it's performance with all of my patients."- Dr. Garrett Szydlowski, PT, DPT

Garrett became part of the Advanced Care Team in 2017 based on the company's dedication to advancing the profession through continuing education. Garrett recalls "I viewed Advanced Care as the perfect place to begin my career in order to grow in my profession in order to achieve the best results for my patients. They have a culture of limitless learning opportunities with a very positive environment. Advanced Care allows its practioners the freedom to adapt their schedules to fit the patient's need in order to allow for an optimal patient-therapist experience."

Garrett's long term goals as a PT include "being an expert in my field in order to influence and enhance both the clinic and the profession as a whole."

In his free time Dr. Szydlowski is a semi-professional break-dancer and runs the Random Ninjaz Dance Crew out of Buffalo, NY