Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Advanced Care Physical Therapy, Aquatic & Fitness Center (ACPT) as your outpatient physical therapy facility. We are committed to your successful treatment. The following is a statement of our Financial Policy.


We participate with many insurance carriers and accept assignment from many others, but please remember….it is your insurance coverage, not ours, and you are responsible for the payment of our services. The patient must provide sufficient billing information, and in addition, determine whether our services are covered under your plan. The patient is always primarily liable for our charges.

If we participate with your insurer and a referral is necessary, it is the patient’s responsibility to insure that a valid referral is in effect at the time of treatment. If not, the patient is financially responsible for the services rendered.

We will bill your insurance carrier, on your behalf, and wait sixty days for payment. We will continue to work with you to help you obtain reimbursement from your carrier after this time period if required. However, any charges that have not been paid by your insurance company are ultimately the patient’s responsibility. The patient is always responsible for applicable co-payments, deductible, etc. as determined by their insurance company.

Co-payments are ALWAYS expected at the time of service. As a courtesy, patients with a high deductible will have a $45 fee placed on their account to offset a large patient balance as claims take approximately 15-30 days to process.

Patients who have been delinquent in co-payments will be sent one notice following their discharge and then will automatically be sent to our collection agency should payment continue to be outstanding.

If Worker’s Compensation is your primary insurance company, you are responsible for providing us with accurate information regarding the date of injury, WCB, and Carrier case numbers as well as your employer’s insurance company’s name and address. NO FAULT patients are required to supply us with the date of their accident, policy holder, as well as insurance company name and address.

IHA Patients: You are responsible for letting our office know if you have received physical therapy at any time in the current calendar year (even if for a different part or at another clinic). We must attempt to get preauthorization if this is the case at the time of you initial visit. Failure to do so will result in you being made responsible for your entire bill.

Policy for patients considered minors (UNDER 18 YEARS OLD): The parent/guardian of a patient who is considered a minor is responsible for full payment.