Dr. Mark Zarbo PT, DPT

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Mark is proud to call his hometown Grand Island, NY.  After numerous sports related injuries Mark decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.  Mark recalls, “I had so many injuries and was impressed at how knowledgable physical therapists were to help me overcome those injuries and get me back to playing.”  Mark is no stranger to athletics!  As a Division I hockey player at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) he accomplished goals on and off the ice.

When asked about his biggest accomplishments Mark states “ that graduating with a BS in Business Management from RPI, playing Division I hockey and completing the required pre-requisite courses to attend PT school all while playing hockey are at the top of my accomplishment list.”  His accomplishments do not stop there.  While Mark was in graduate school, completing his Doctorate in PT at University of Buffalo, his Business Management skills came into play when he started his own business- MARK ZARBO HOCKEY TRAINING.  Mark continues to state that “coaching and physical therapy compliment each other in that they both require you to be an educator for players and patients. Breaking down movement skills both in the rehab gym and on the ice are crucial to learning, development and rehabilitation.”

The patient’s experience is very important to Mark. He states, “there is a mental component to injury.  If, as a patient , you do not feel comfortable or do not trust your therapist your chances of succeeding are decreased.  I strive everyday to develop trusting relationships with all of my patients to make the patient experience as enjoyable as it can be.”

Mark is continuously striving for more and some of his short term goals are to assist in setting up preventative measures for young athletes such as concussion testing and other protocols to help players be more educated about movement and what they can do to decrease their risk of injury.  His ultimate goal is to “be the leading Sports Therapist in Western New York.”

Mark selected Advanced Care Physical Therapy because “they offer employees exuberant amounts of continuing education and certification opportunities which allows their PT’s to be experts in their chosen fields.”  Off the ice and out of the clinic Mark is just as active and enjoys running the Mark Zarbo Hockey Training Camps, four wheeling, camping, boating and hiking.

Our group is very fortunate to have Mark as part of our clinical team.  His background in sports, business and of course physical therapy make him the ideal therapist for our HarborCenter office.  Mark is in his own element, hockey and rehabilitation what more could you ask for!” 

– Julie Reinstein, PT, MS, Co-Owner of Advanced Care Physical Therapy