Back Pain

Your lumbar spine is stressed with bending, stooping, sitting, and lifting.  Frequent performance of these activities can increase your pain.  However, back pain can occur at anytime, even while sleeping.  Our therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of back pain.


We offer state-of-the-art modalities including:

  • iontophoresis
  • ultrasound/phonophoresis
  • low level laser
  • electrical stimulation
  • traction

Manual Therapy:

We provide a wide variety of manual therapy techniques including:

  • massage
  • soft tissue mobilization
  • range of motion
  • manual stretching
  • deep tissue mobilization
  • trigger point release
  • myofacial release


These techniques are utilized to increase joint motion, reduce muscle spasm, increase flexibility, reduce scar tissue, and increase mobility.


Flexibility is critical to spine health. Our protocols consist of a flexibility component to increase both trunk and lower extremity range of motion.


Trunk and lower extremity stability through core strengthening helps in the prevention and treatment of back pain. This is especially true for patients performing lifting tasks. In addition, patients who have sedentary jobs with significant periods of sitting are at risk for a loss of trunk strength.  The therapists are able to develop a custom program tailored for your needs.