Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle are important in all weight bearing activities including standing, walking and running.  Walking and running should be a comfortable experience without joint pain or limited motion.  However, when discomfort occurs a physical therapy consult may be necessary. Prompt physical therapy services can be very beneficial to prevent a loss of function and promote continued independence at work, home and at play.


Foot and ankle pain can affect your ability to stand, walk and run.   Whether it is pain due to prolonged standing, sustained walking, or a sports injury, we will provide a thorough evaluation followed by prompt treatment.  We will discuss your need to improve function and develop long range goals according to patient desires.

Flexibility:  Our therapists assist in the restoration of motion of the foot and ankle to normalize all weight bearing functions.

Modalities:  A variety of modalities including ultrasound, phonophoresis, low level laser, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, and frequency specific micro-current can be used to assist with pain relief and tissue healing.

Orthotics:  In addition, we have staff experienced in the development of custom foot orthotics to ensure proper foot placement upon weight-bearing.

Manual Therapy:  Our therapists utilize a wide variety of manual therapy techniques including soft tissue mobilization, gentle joint mobilization, range of motion, manual stretching, trigger point release, primal reflex release and myofascial release.  These techniques are utilized to decrease pain, increase joint motion, reduce muscle spasm, increase flexibility, reduce scar tissue, and increase mobility.

Strengthening:  As a component of the physical therapy session, the therapist may choose to add strengthening exercises.  Advanced Care Physical Therapy utilizes state-of-the-art strengthening equipment in a quiet, calm atmosphere.  In addition, the therapist may recommend home exercises so that the patient can continue to work as an integral team member to gain independence and return to function.