Angie Lucarini

As I sat in the waiting room of Advanced Care Physical Therapy, watching people young and old, of every race, and ethnicity, they all had one thing in common. Each of them were treated with the same respect, warmth, and care, regardless of their individual needs. I considered the facility, and all of its services, not only being physical therapy, but also including aquatic therapy, exercise & golf classes, and a fitness center too. How’s that for “Advanced”? As I chewed on this, an age old question that has been asked time & time again came to mind:

“What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

I couldn’t help but be reminded of that question, as my thoughts invoked a similar one, “What came first, the name, or the birthing of the idea?” Because I found the care given at this center to truly be “Advanced”, I gave more consideration to the name. In years of old, names were often given based on the type of work one did. For example, the surname Shepherd probably came from a man who was actually a shepherd long ago tending over sheep. We could easily surmise that one who whipped up freshly baked bread, and apple pies would proudly carry the last name Baker.    On the opposite end of the spectrum, some names were, and are still today, given due to existing circumstances, or desired outcomes. In this way, one would be speaking their vision into existence. So, with all of these ideas swirling around in my mind, I decided just to put them to rest and simply ask my physical therapist Craig Reinstein, who also happens to be the founder of Advanced Care; “What came first?” Oh, here he comes now…shhh! I’ll be right back with the answer. Okay, I spoke with Craig. He told me that the vision actually preceded the name. Well, there ya have it! In this case, the birthing of the idea took place before the name, and in my opinion, the name is a perfect match indeed!